“All the Marbles” short film trailer – writer, producer, actor

Character Reel

I decided to write and produce a spot for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl commercial contest this year.  Check it out!

Drama Reel

Comedy Reel


Commercial Reel

Scene from “Moustache”

Love at first sight with a dangerous beauty puts a young man’s life at risk in this charming nod to classic Hollywood noir.

Shorts I wrote and produced…

Doggie and Me
A bonding session for dogs and their owners.


Cookie Time
A boy’s slumber party is ruined when his friends won’t stop joking about his mom.


Please Don’t Crush My Skull
Overprotective dad meets daughter’s live-in boyfriend.


Sidelines for Cheering
Soccer moms kick butt.


Blood Bank
A Vampire is busted for blood.


Elderly Encounters
It’s never too late to date.


Deeter Egglehard
Foreigner crashes student talent show audition.